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Building Relationships Above & Beyond

Building Relationships Above & Beyond

Our vision is to earn the respect of all of our clients through our team’s absolute professionalism and by helping everyone to know they are appreciated. Loyalty and ethics are the hallmarks of our building relationships. Those values and our spirit of friendship provide our clients with the feeling that they are in the best hands.

Our mission is to assure our clients that the following principles and values are the center of our building relationships: trust, attention to detail, performance, gratitude, dependability, and commitment to excellence.

A Dedicated Team

Since 1982, our firm has developed the experience and demonstrated the commitment it takes to produce exceptional results.

CMM Realty offers full-service property management and leasing for both residential and commercial properties throughout South Carolina. Our portfolio of properties includes the following: single-family homes, residential condominium high-rises, townhouses, shopping centers, and office buildings. We also offer management services for homeowner associations. Our success has come from implementing tried and true management policies and procedures that provide our owners with the greatest possible revenues while minimizing expenses. Our approach is simple: manage the properties as if we owned it ourselves.

CMM Realty works closely with our clients to provide comprehensive property management services, to reduce expenses, and to increase tenant/resident retention. Our property managers and leasing agents have the technology, tools, and training that allow them to excel in the management and leasing services.

If you are seeking excellent results, let the CMM Realty team go to work for you.